Terms of Service

1. Operator of gearsofgold.com is Bluforce Media GmbH situated in Salzburg, Petersbrunnstraße 19/1-2, Austria.

2. On gearsofgold.com contents, images and text will be automatically collected, promoted and displayed only to the advantage of their initial source.

3. The collection, illustration and promotion of contents via selected channels and pages can be cancelled via an email to hello@gearsofgold.com. Hashtag #gearsofgold and #gog are especially installed to collect, illustrate and promote such contents and any contents furnished with these hashtag will only be put down by special request or due to inappropriate substance.

4. gearsofgold.com exclusively publishes and links contents, text and pictures from selected sources and hashtags, which were published on any kind of public social media platform. The use of data from these social media is taking place in accordance with the terms and conditions of these social media platforms.

5. Bluforce Media GmbH accepts no liability for the accuracy of the content of any source published, shown or linked, as well as the user.

6. Contents of any sourced published as well as user postings are their opinions and views, these correspond therefore not necessarily the views and opinions of the operator of gearsofgold.com

7. Unlawful content and/or links and content that violates common decency will, if they could be recognized by the operator and / or reported by users to the operator, deleted within 24 hours.

8. Bluforce Media GmbH as a service provider is responsible for the proper functionality and perfect function of the system. Any malfunctions on working days during office hours (8 am. – 5 pm.) fixed within 6 hours from notification of the malfunction.

9. Bluforce Media GmbH is not liable for any text, picture or other kind of content published on the site, it only acts as a service provider and third party of various social media platforms.

10. Changes to these Terms and Conditions will be posted on this page.